about landmark

It’s easy to get there. Just step out of your dorm, walk past all the other dorms that look exactly alike, and off campus grounds. When you get to where “chic, independent living” and “welcoming student community” intersect, that’s where you’ll find Landmark.

Ok, Those Weren’t Real Directions.
No, no they weren’t. It was just a metaphor– that said, a surprisingly accurate metaphor. Landmark is actually located a block away from the UMD campus, but you’ll find that one block can make a world of difference. From our upscale amenities and fully furnished rooms to our private courtyard and hip community spaces, everything at Landmark is catered to the needs of our student residents. We’ve got a fitness center. We’ve got grills. We’ve got game and media rooms. We even have community lounges, a coffee stand, and specialized study spaces, which we should have mentioned earlier but didn’t because the other stuff sounds cooler. Everything we included in Landmark apartments was designed to help you not just enjoy your time in college, but to truly make your mark.

Let’s Get Started.
Landmark has been a thriving community since 2015, offering top-notch amenities and customer service. Space is filling fast, but there’s still room for you to join College Park’s greatest community. Ready to take the next step?

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